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Foot and Mouth Disease

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About the diseaseFoot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is a highly contagious viral disease of cloven-footed domestic and wild animals. It is characterized by fever and vesicular lesions inthe mouth, tongue, nostrils, feet, and teats. Sheep and goats show very mild signs, while pigs act as amplifying hosts, which produce very high concentrations of the virus particle

My Cow Eats Plastic Bags

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Plastics are unpalatable and consequently when gobbled by cows, they stack up in the stomach, sometimes they might get trapped with different other materials and form hard ball-like pieces. The digestive system of the cow is complex, made of "4 stomachs", making it extremely challenging for the material to pass out along with the dung, Cows may actually continue to live normally with these materials. However, problems result when there is obstruction in the system. Note that cows are indiscriminate feeders and will eat other foreign materials like nails and wires, rubber, ropes and other inorganic materials in their environment.

Caring for and Managing Dry Cows

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It is worth noting that the period around calving represents the time of the greatest risk in the cow’s life. Therefore, adequate preparation and outstanding care are key factors if this transition is to take place without problems. Investing in optimal dry cow management will be repaid with fewer problems in the following lactation, and a higher milk yield.

Four Crucial Puppy Shots

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Puppy vaccines are mandatory to guarantee that the dog will be less exposed to common canine viruses. The puppy is born with immunity due to the antibodies that are transmitted from the mother, through the placenta and the breast milk. However, these antibodies protect the puppy for only a few days, so vaccinations are needed. If the mother has not been vaccinated against a certain virus, she will not have antibodies for it, so the puppy will prone the disease. There are a few essential shots that are recommended for every puppy.

Signs Your Dog May Be Sick

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Regardless of your dog’s age, You play a key role in helping your dog fight against llness and remain healthy. Your dog, unlike us, can only show signs of disease but cannot describe symptoms to you. Your knowledge of the signs which accompany common diseases is one way to help reduce your pet’s risk of being affected by them. A considerably high number of pets that appear healthy eve during annual checkups have underlying diseases.

Factors Influencing Milk Yield in Cattle

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Milk yield varies from cow to cow, or farm to farm. There is a multiplicity of factors that may work individually or synergistic to others to influence the volume of milk produced. Some cows produce small, others average while other very high volume. Milk yield like other performances of the cow are influenced by factors which may be environmental, managerial or cow factors. In this post, we discuss the various influences to milk yield, and possibly show you what things to consider in your choice of or management of dairy cows.

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