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I take this opportunity to introduce you to Country Vet Services. We are a new mobile veterinary practice servicing the greater Subukia area. We have our office in our veterinary center in Subukia town.

The name Country was inspired by our interest for the country animal. Basically the food animal or livestock, being that up-country feeds the country.

Our practice is ran by a practicing veterinarian Dr. Simon Waweru, a graduate of the University of Nairobi’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Waweru has for the past several years worked with many farmers and animal owners, in the management of their animals’ health being disease prevention, surveillance and management.

We help farm owners achieve these by implementing a herd health management program. The primary objective of a health and production management program for herds of food producing animals is the maintenance of animal health and production at the most efficient level that provides competitive economic returns to the owner.

From Country Vet Services, we offer diverse professional services to farm and animal owners ranging from consultations to complex veterinary procedures.

Our veterinary practice’s theme is “for people whose animals are part of the family.” We appreciate the important role animals play in the society by being of companion as well as for providing revenue and/or food. For food producing animals especially, we take great care to help optimize health, welfare and production in a population of dairy cows (or other species) through the systemic analysis of relevant data and through regular objective observations of the cows and their environment such that informed, timely decisions are made to adjust and improve herd management over time.

If your farm is interested in a meet and greet or educational clinics, please contact us. We are available for emergencies and regular appointments.

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