Commercial pig breeds in Kenya are commonly exotic. These breeds are the Yorkshire, Large White, Landrace, Hampshire, Duroc. They are particularly common due to their characteristic lean carcasses coupled by their excellent feed conversion efficiency. However, each of these breeds have their own unique characteristics; which may form the basis of your choice to fit your needs as well as the adopted production system

The Large White/Yorkshire

Large White Pig/Yorkshire

Perhaps the most common pig breed in the country, the Large White is as white as it’s name describe. It has its roots from Yorkshire England.This pig boasts of a long body with characteristic erect ears. This pig is good mother, useful in as foster mother. The live weight of a mature male Yorkshire ranges between 300 – 450 kg and female 250 – 350 kg.

To rapidly increase your heard size,  the Yorkshire pig is fantastic with its high prolificacy, and with a litter size of 12.This pig has weaning rate of  more than 70%. Its 7 pairs of teats are particularly important in helping the lactating large litters.

The Large white breed is widely used for upgrading local breeds. For commercial bacon production the Yorkshire is usually crossed with the Landrace.

The Landrace

Landrace Pig

Kenyan Landrace is no different from its counterparts across the globe. It is white, with a significantly long body, and has got large drooping ears.

The Kenyan Landrace is particularly famous for its femininity, docility, milk-ability and mothering ability. The Kenyan Landrace is also note for being able to produce a consistent high number of piglets per litter, 10-12.

The average live weight of matured Kenyan male Landrace is 310-400 kg and female is 250-330 Kg


Duroc Pig

A red pig, with partially drooping ears, the Duroc is popular for its sweetest and high quality pork, in comparison to all other commercial pigs. It is renowned for its superior genetics, hence useful in improving other breeds for pork.

The Duroc has a fast growing rate which is also coupled with high muscling capability.

The average live weight of matured male is 300 kg and the female is 250 kg. It is also characterized by high prolificacy, with a litter size of 9 and with high weaning rates.


Hampshire Pig

The Hampshire is a large, hardy pig with black and white markings. Its head, ears, and shoulders are usually black, as are their rear legs and tail. They have large erect ears.

This breed is popular among many who regard it as a good terminal breed, for pork producing pigs.

Many small scale farmers regard this pig highly because of its good temperament, fast growth rate and large litters usually of about 8 and 14 piglets. The sow makes an excellent mother.